Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Prior lien bond

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Prior lien bond

Chloe: Hey Paisley, have you heard about prior lien bonds in finance?

Paisley: Yeah, I think they’re bonds that have a claim on specific assets before other bonds.

Chloe: Right, they’re secured by a specific asset or group of assets, which gives them priority over other bonds if the issuer faces financial trouble.

Paisley: So, does that mean they’re less risky compared to other types of bonds?

Chloe: Exactly, since they have priority in repayment, they’re often considered less risky and may offer lower interest rates.

Paisley: That sounds like a good option for investors looking for stability. Do you know any examples of prior lien bonds?

Chloe: Well, mortgage-backed securities are a common example, where the bondholders have a prior claim on the underlying mortgage payments.

Paisley: Ah, got it. So, in case of default, those bondholders would be paid back before others. Makes sense.

Chloe: Exactly, it’s all about prioritizing repayment in case things go south for the issuer.

Paisley: Are there any downsides to investing in prior lien bonds?

Chloe: One potential downside is that they might offer lower returns compared to riskier investments since they prioritize safety.

Paisley: Makes sense. It’s always a trade-off between risk and reward in finance, isn’t it?

Chloe: Absolutely, finding the right balance is key to building a strong investment portfolio.