Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Price spread

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Price spread

Patrick: Hey Eden, do you know what a price spread is in finance?

Eden: Yeah, I think it’s the difference between the bid price and the ask price of a security.

Patrick: That’s correct. It represents the gap between what buyers are willing to pay and what sellers are willing to accept.

Eden: How does the price spread affect trading?

Patrick: A narrower price spread typically indicates higher liquidity and tighter market conditions, while a wider spread suggests lower liquidity and potentially higher trading costs.

Eden: Are there any factors that influence the size of the price spread?

Patrick: Market volatility, trading volume, and the level of competition among market participants can all impact the size of the price spread.

Eden: So, it’s important for traders to pay attention to the price spread when executing trades?

Patrick: Absolutely. Understanding the price spread can help traders make more informed decisions and minimize transaction costs.

Eden: Thanks for explaining that, Patrick. Price spread seems like an important concept for traders to consider.

Patrick: No problem, Eden. It’s a fundamental aspect of market dynamics that can affect trading outcomes.