Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Per capita

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Per capita

William: Hey Orla, have you ever heard of “per capita” in economics?

Orla: Yes, I think it’s a way to measure something by dividing it equally among each person in a population.

William: That’s correct. Per capita is often used to compare things like income, GDP, or consumption across different countries or regions.

Orla: How do you calculate per capita?

William: You simply divide the total amount of whatever you’re measuring by the population of the area you’re interested in.

Orla: So, for example, if we wanted to find the per capita income of a country, we’d divide the total income by the population?

William: Exactly. It gives you an average measure of income per person in that country.

Orla: Can per capita be used for things other than income?

William: Yes, it can be applied to various economic indicators like GDP, healthcare spending, or even environmental metrics.

Orla: Why is per capita important in economics?

William: It allows economists and policymakers to understand the average level of something within a population, which can help with making comparisons and decisions about resource allocation.

Orla: Does per capita tell us everything about the distribution of resources within a population?

William: Not necessarily. While it gives an average, it doesn’t provide information about how resources are distributed among individuals within the population.

Orla: It seems like per capita is a useful tool for understanding the overall trends and averages within a population.

William: Definitely, it’s a helpful metric for making comparisons and analyzing economic and social trends across different regions or countries.