Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Out of line

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Out of line

Hannah: Willow, have you ever heard someone say that a purchase is “out of line”?

Willow: Yes, it means the cost is too high or unreasonable compared to what’s expected or affordable.

Hannah: Exactly. It’s like saying something doesn’t fit within a budget or financial plan.

Willow: Right. It’s important to stay within budget to avoid overspending and financial stress.

Hannah: Definitely. Overspending can lead to debt and financial instability.

Willow: And it’s not just about money – overspending can also impact other aspects of life, like saving for the future or achieving financial goals.

Hannah: That’s true. It’s important to prioritize needs over wants and make wise financial decisions.

Willow: Sometimes people feel pressure to spend beyond their means, but it’s important to resist that temptation and stick to a budget.

Hannah: Yes, staying disciplined with spending habits can lead to long-term financial success and stability.

Willow: And it’s okay to say no to purchases that are out of line with your financial goals.

Hannah: Absolutely. Learning to differentiate between needs and wants is key to managing finances effectively.

Willow: And seeking out affordable alternatives or finding ways to save money can help stay within budget while still enjoying life.