Advanced English Dialogue for Business – On floor orders

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About On floor orders

Penelope: Hi Audrey! Do you know what “on floor orders” mean in business and finance?

Audrey: Hey Penelope! Yes, “on floor orders” refer to buy or sell instructions given by traders directly on the trading floor of an exchange.

Penelope: That’s right, Audrey. These orders are executed by floor brokers who facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers present on the trading floor.

Audrey: Exactly, Penelope. Floor orders are often used in open outcry trading systems where traders communicate their orders verbally or through hand signals.

Penelope: Right, Audrey. These orders are crucial for maintaining liquidity and efficiency in the market by matching buyers and sellers in real-time.

Audrey: Absolutely, Penelope. By executing on floor orders promptly, floor brokers help ensure that trades are completed at fair prices and in accordance with market conditions.

Penelope: Indeed, Audrey. Traders rely on floor orders to execute their trading strategies and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Audrey: That’s correct, Penelope. Floor orders play a vital role in price discovery and market stability by facilitating the continuous flow of buying and selling activity.

Penelope: Absolutely, Audrey. They help maintain an orderly market by ensuring that there is sufficient liquidity for investors to enter and exit positions.

Audrey: Right, Penelope. And by providing a physical trading environment, the trading floor allows for face-to-face interactions between traders, which can enhance transparency and trust in the market.

Penelope: Exactly, Audrey. Overall, on floor orders are essential for the functioning of traditional exchanges and contribute to the efficiency and integrity of the financial markets.