Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Offer wanted

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Offer wanted

Claire: Hi Quinn, have you ever heard of an “offer wanted”?

Quinn: No, I haven’t. What is it?

Claire: An “offer wanted” is a request made by a trader or investor to receive quotes or offers for a particular security or financial instrument.

Quinn: Oh, I see. So, it’s like asking for prices from potential sellers or buyers?

Claire: Exactly. It’s a way for market participants to gather information and potentially negotiate a transaction at the best available price.

Quinn: Are there specific situations where someone might use an “offer wanted”?

Claire: Yes, for example, if a trader is looking to buy or sell a large block of securities, they might use an “offer wanted” to solicit competitive bids from multiple parties.

Quinn: I understand. So, it’s a way to ensure they get the best possible price for their trade?

Claire: Yes, that’s one of the benefits. It allows traders to compare offers and negotiate terms to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Quinn: Are “offer wanted” requests commonly used in the financial markets?

Claire: Yes, they are. They’re particularly common in over-the-counter markets where trading occurs directly between parties rather than on centralized exchanges.

Quinn: I see. So, it’s a useful tool for facilitating transactions and ensuring liquidity in the markets?

Claire: Exactly. “Offer wanted” requests help facilitate price discovery and ensure that buyers and sellers can efficiently transact in the market.

Quinn: Thanks for explaining, Claire.

Claire: No problem, Quinn. “Offer wanted” requests are an important aspect of market activity and play a crucial role in ensuring fair and efficient trading.