Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Off board

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Off board

Lily: Hi Isabella, have you heard about trading off-board in finance?

Isabella: Yes, Lily, trading off-board refers to transactions that occur outside the main stock exchange.

Lily: So, off-board trading involves direct negotiations between buyers and sellers, often through alternative trading platforms or over-the-counter markets?

Isabella: Exactly. Off-board trading can include private placements, dark pools, and other methods that don’t involve the centralized exchange. It provides flexibility but may have less transparency compared to on-board trading.

Lily: I see. Off-board trading can offer customized deals but might carry higher risks due to the absence of regulatory oversight.

Isabella: That’s correct. It’s important for investors to carefully evaluate the risks and benefits before engaging in off-board transactions.

Lily: Agreed. Off-board trading plays a significant role in providing liquidity and flexibility in financial markets.

Isabella: Indeed. It offers alternative avenues for trading securities outside of traditional exchanges, catering to diverse investor needs.