Advanced English Dialogue for Business – National association op securities dealers

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About National association op securities dealers

Quinn: Hey James, have you heard about the National Association of Securities Dealers?

James: Yes, Quinn. It’s an organization that regulates the securities industry and oversees things like stock exchanges and broker-dealers.

Quinn: Right, they also operate the NASDAQ stock exchange, which is where many technology companies are listed.

James: Exactly, the NASD plays a crucial role in maintaining fair and orderly markets and protecting investors.

Quinn: It’s interesting how they set rules and standards to ensure transparency and integrity in the securities markets.

James: Definitely, their regulations help promote confidence among investors and maintain the credibility of the financial system.

Quinn: And they provide licensing and education programs for professionals working in the securities industry.

James: Yes, those programs help ensure that brokers and dealers meet certain standards of competency and ethical conduct.

Quinn: It’s important for investors to know that the professionals they’re working with are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

James: Absolutely, the NASD’s oversight helps safeguard investors’ interests and maintain the integrity of the securities markets.

Quinn: And their enforcement actions help deter misconduct and ensure compliance with securities laws.

James: Right, their regulatory role is crucial for maintaining the stability and fairness of the financial system.

Quinn: Overall, the NASD plays a vital role in regulating the securities industry and protecting investors.

James: Indeed, their efforts help foster confidence and trust in the markets, which is essential for a healthy economy.