Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Nasdaq national market system

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Nasdaq national market system

Eden: Hey Hannah, have you heard about the Nasdaq National Market System?

Hannah: Hi Eden! Yes, it’s a system operated by the Nasdaq Stock Market that facilitates trading of listed securities on a national level.

Eden: That’s right. The Nasdaq National Market System provides investors with access to a wide range of stocks and offers electronic trading services for increased efficiency and transparency.

Hannah: Exactly. It’s known for its technology-driven approach, providing real-time quotes and execution of trades, which has made it a popular choice for both investors and companies.

Eden: Right. The Nasdaq National Market System is home to many well-known technology and growth-oriented companies, making it an important platform for capital formation and investment.

Hannah: Absolutely. Its electronic trading platform has revolutionized the way securities are bought and sold, offering greater speed and liquidity compared to traditional trading floors.

Eden: Yes, and its market structure allows for fair and orderly trading, with rules and regulations in place to ensure market integrity and investor protection.

Hannah: Definitely. The Nasdaq National Market System has played a significant role in democratizing access to the stock market, allowing investors of all sizes to participate in equity markets.

Eden: Right. Its market-making system ensures continuous liquidity, enabling investors to buy and sell securities with ease, even during volatile market conditions.

Hannah: Exactly. And its electronic communication network facilitates direct access to market data and execution services, empowering investors to make informed decisions and execute trades efficiently.

Eden: Absolutely. The Nasdaq National Market System has become a key pillar of the global financial markets, contributing to the growth and development of the investment landscape.