Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Most active list

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Most active list

Isabelle: Hi Lawrence, do you know what the “most active list” is in finance?

Lawrence: Yes, Isabelle. It’s a list of stocks or securities that have the highest trading volume on a particular day.

Isabelle: Right. So, it’s a way to track which stocks are seeing the most trading activity?

Lawrence: Exactly. The most active list helps investors identify stocks that are attracting the most attention from traders and investors.

Isabelle: How do stocks end up on the most active list?

Lawrence: Stocks end up on the most active list when there’s significant buying or selling activity, usually due to news, earnings announcements, or other market-moving events.

Isabelle: Are there any benefits to monitoring the most active list?

Lawrence: Yes, Isabelle. Monitoring the most active list can help investors identify potential trading opportunities or gauge market sentiment based on the stocks that are seeing the most activity.

Isabelle: Can the most active list change throughout the trading day?

Lawrence: Yes, Isabelle. The most active list is updated continuously throughout the trading day as trading volumes fluctuate and new stocks attract attention.

Isabelle: How do investors use the most active list in their decision-making process?

Lawrence: Some investors may use the most active list to identify stocks with momentum or to spot trends in trading activity, while others may use it as a starting point for further research and analysis.

Isabelle: Thanks for explaining, Lawrence. I have a better understanding of what the most active list is now.

Lawrence: No problem, Isabelle. If you have any more questions about finance or business, feel free to ask anytime.