Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Market on close order

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Market on close order

Harold: Hi Emily, have you heard about market on close orders?

Emily: Hi Harold, yes, I have. It’s an order to buy or sell a security at the closing price of the trading day.

Harold: That’s right. Market on close orders are typically used by traders who want to execute their trades at the last moment of the trading session.

Emily: Yes, they can help ensure that traders get the best possible price for their trades by executing them at the official closing price.

Harold: Exactly. Market on close orders can be particularly useful for traders who want to avoid the volatility that can occur during the trading day.

Emily: Right. By waiting until the end of the day to execute their trades, traders may be able to minimize their exposure to price fluctuations.

Harold: Yes, and it can also help them take advantage of any late-breaking news or developments that could impact the market.

Emily: Absolutely. However, it’s essential for traders to be aware of the specific rules and regulations governing market on close orders to ensure compliance.

Harold: Yes, that’s crucial. Traders should familiarize themselves with the requirements of their broker and the exchange where they’re placing their orders.

Emily: Right. By understanding how market on close orders work and following the necessary protocols, traders can make informed decisions and execute their trades effectively.

Harold: Absolutely. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the mechanics and implications of market on close orders to trade successfully in the financial markets.

Emily: Definitely. With the right knowledge and strategy, traders can use market on close orders to their advantage and achieve their trading objectives.