Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Letter bond

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Letter bond

Lily: Hi Willow, have you ever heard of a “letter bond” in finance?

Willow: No, I haven’t. What is it?

Lily: A letter bond is a type of bond that is issued with a physical certificate, which is often accompanied by a detachable coupon sheet for interest payments.

Willow: Oh, I see. So, it’s like a traditional bond that you can hold in your hand?

Lily: Exactly. It’s an older form of bond issuance that has become less common with the rise of electronic trading and book-entry systems.

Willow: That’s interesting. Are there any advantages to holding letter bonds?

Lily: Some investors prefer letter bonds because they offer tangible evidence of ownership and can be easier to transfer compared to electronic securities.

Willow: I see. Are there any disadvantages to letter bonds?

Lily: One disadvantage is that letter bonds can be more susceptible to loss or theft since they are physical documents that need to be stored and protected.

Willow: Got it. How do investors receive interest payments on letter bonds?

Lily: Investors typically receive interest payments by detaching the coupons from the bond certificate and redeeming them for cash or depositing them into a bank account.

Willow: Thanks for explaining, Lily. Letter bonds seem like an interesting relic from the past.

Lily: You’re welcome, Willow. They’re a reminder of how financial markets have evolved over time.