Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Investment letter

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Investment letter

Gabrielle: Hi Sofia, have you ever received an “investment letter”?

Sofia: No, I haven’t. What is it?

Gabrielle: An investment letter is a document provided by financial advisors or investment firms to their clients, containing information about investment strategies, recommendations, and updates on market conditions.

Sofia: I see. Is an investment letter similar to a financial report?

Gabrielle: In a way, yes. An investment letter provides personalized insights and recommendations tailored to the client’s investment goals and portfolio.

Sofia: That sounds helpful. How often do clients typically receive investment letters?

Gabrielle: The frequency of investment letters can vary, but they are often sent quarterly or annually, depending on the client’s preferences and the investment firm’s communication schedule.

Sofia: Got it. Are investment letters legally binding documents?

Gabrielle: No, investment letters are not legally binding documents, but they serve as a formal communication channel between the investment firm and the client, outlining investment strategies and recommendations.

Sofia: Thanks for explaining, Gabrielle. Investment letters seem like a useful tool for staying informed about investment opportunities.

Gabrielle: You’re welcome, Sofia. They provide valuable insights and help clients make informed decisions about their investments.