Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Interest rate

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Interest rate

Steven: Aurora, have you heard about interest rates in finance?

Aurora: Yes, it’s the percentage of money charged for borrowing or earned through lending, right?

Steven: Exactly, interest rates play a crucial role in the economy, influencing borrowing, saving, investment, and spending decisions.

Aurora: Are there different types of interest rates?

Steven: Yes, there are various types, including fixed rates, variable rates, prime rates, and central bank rates, each serving different purposes in the financial system.

Aurora: How do changes in interest rates affect individuals and businesses?

Steven: Changes in interest rates can impact the cost of borrowing for individuals and businesses, affecting mortgage rates, loan rates, and credit card rates.

Aurora: Can you explain how interest rates are set?

Steven: Interest rates are typically set by central banks, based on economic indicators such as inflation, unemployment, and economic growth, to achieve monetary policy objectives.

Aurora: What happens when interest rates rise or fall?

Steven: When interest rates rise, borrowing becomes more expensive, which can slow down economic activity. Conversely, when interest rates fall, borrowing becomes cheaper, stimulating borrowing and spending.

Aurora: Are there any risks associated with changes in interest rates?

Steven: Yes, interest rate fluctuations can impact the value of investments, such as bonds and stocks, as well as the profitability of businesses that rely on borrowing.

Aurora: Thanks for explaining, Steven. It’s interesting to learn about the role of interest rates in the economy.

Steven: No problem, Aurora. Interest rates are a key factor in financial decision-making, influencing both individuals and businesses alike.