Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Individual tax return

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Individual tax return

Kenneth: Layla, have you filed your individual tax return yet?

Layla: Yes, I have. I made sure to gather all my income documents and deductions before filing.

Kenneth: That’s good. Did you file electronically or by mail?

Layla: I filed electronically. It’s faster and more convenient, plus I can track the status of my refund online.

Kenneth: I see. Did you use any tax software to help with the process?

Layla: Yes, I used a tax preparation software. It guided me through the process and helped me find all the deductions I was eligible for.

Kenneth: That’s smart. Did you owe taxes or were you expecting a refund?

Layla: I was actually expecting a refund this year. I made sure to double-check everything to maximize my refund.

Kenneth: That’s great news. Did you receive your refund yet?

Layla: Yes, I received it a few weeks after filing. It was a relief to have it deposited into my bank account.

Kenneth: That’s good to hear. It’s always a weight off the shoulders when tax season is over.

Layla: Definitely. Now I can focus on other financial goals without worrying about taxes for a while.

Kenneth: Absolutely. Planning ahead and staying organized can make tax season much smoother.