Advanced English Dialogue for Business – In the money

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About In the money

Melody: Hey Paul, have you ever heard the term “in the money” in finance?

Paul: Yes, I have. It means that an option has intrinsic value because it can be exercised profitably.

Melody: That’s right! When an option is “in the money,” it means the option’s strike price is favorable compared to the current market price of the underlying asset.

Paul: Exactly! Investors may choose to exercise “in the money” options to buy or sell the underlying asset at a profit.

Melody: That’s correct. Options that are “in the money” typically have higher premiums compared to options that are “out of the money” or “at the money.”

Paul: Right! It’s because there’s a higher chance of making a profit when the option is already profitable.

Melody: Yes, exactly. So, investors closely monitor the “in the money” status of their options to make informed decisions about when to exercise them.

Paul: That makes sense. It’s important to understand the concept of “in the money” when trading options to maximize potential profits.

Melody: Absolutely. Being aware of whether an option is “in the money” or not can significantly impact investment outcomes.

Paul: Indeed, it’s a fundamental aspect of options trading that every investor should understand.

Melody: Definitely. It helps investors make informed decisions and manage their risk effectively in the options market.

Paul: Absolutely, Melody. Understanding the concept of “in the money” is crucial for success in the financial markets.