Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Good till canceled order

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Good till canceled order

Jesse: Hi Mary, have you heard of a “good till canceled” order in finance?

Mary: Hey Jesse, yes, it’s an order to buy or sell a security that remains in effect until it’s either executed or canceled by the investor.

Jesse: That’s right. It’s a convenient way for investors to set their desired price levels without having to constantly monitor the market.

Mary: Exactly. GTC orders are commonly used for long-term investing or for situations where investors want to take advantage of specific price points.

Jesse: Yes, they’re especially useful for investors who can’t actively monitor the market throughout the day but still want to participate in trading activities.

Mary: Absolutely. With a GTC order, investors can specify their buying or selling conditions and let the market work for them over time.

Jesse: Right. However, it’s important for investors to review and adjust their GTC orders periodically to ensure they align with their investment goals and market conditions.

Mary: Definitely. Market conditions can change quickly, so it’s essential to stay informed and make adjustments as needed.

Jesse: Absolutely. GTC orders offer flexibility and convenience, but investors should also exercise caution and regularly review their investment strategies.

Mary: Agreed. It’s all about finding the right balance between automation and active management to achieve investment success.

Jesse: Thanks for the insightful discussion, Mary. GTC orders can be a valuable tool for investors looking to manage their portfolios effectively.

Mary: You’re welcome, Jesse. It’s essential for investors to understand how different order types work and how they can use them to their advantage in the market.