Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Golden parachute

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Golden parachute

Jeffrey: Hi Allison, have you heard about golden parachutes in business?

Allison: No, I haven’t. What are they?

Jeffrey: A golden parachute is a compensation package that provides generous financial benefits to top executives if they are terminated or experience a change in control of the company.

Allison: Oh, I see. So, it’s like a safety net for executives in case they lose their jobs due to a merger or acquisition?

Jeffrey: Exactly. It’s meant to incentivize executives to stay with the company and ensure a smooth transition during times of uncertainty.

Allison: Are golden parachutes common in corporate America?

Jeffrey: Yes, they’re quite common, especially for executives in large publicly-traded companies where there’s a lot at stake during mergers and acquisitions.

Allison: That makes sense. Are there any criticisms of golden parachutes?

Jeffrey: Yes, some people argue that golden parachutes can incentivize executives to prioritize their own financial interests over the long-term health of the company.

Allison: I see. So, it’s important for companies to strike a balance between rewarding executives and protecting shareholder interests.

Jeffrey: Absolutely. It’s essential for companies to design compensation packages that align with the company’s overall objectives and values.

Allison: Are there any regulations or guidelines governing the use of golden parachutes?

Jeffrey: Yes, there are regulations in place to ensure that golden parachutes are disclosed to shareholders and that they’re reasonable and not excessive.

Allison: That’s good to know. So, shareholders have some oversight over executive compensation packages.

Jeffrey: Yes, transparency and accountability are important principles when it comes to executive compensation.

Allison: Are there any alternatives to golden parachutes?

Jeffrey: Some companies offer retention bonuses or equity incentives as alternatives to golden parachutes to incentivize executives to stay with the company during times of transition.

Allison: That makes sense. So, there are various ways companies can structure executive compensation packages to achieve their objectives.