Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Gold fixing

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Gold fixing

Serenity: Hey Kenneth, have you ever heard of gold fixing?

Kenneth: Yes, it’s a process where representatives from major banks meet to set the price of gold based on supply and demand.

Serenity: That’s right. It’s done twice a day in London, and it’s used as a benchmark for pricing gold in the global market.

Kenneth: It’s interesting how such a traditional method still influences the modern gold market.

Serenity: Definitely. It adds transparency and stability to gold pricing, which is important for investors and traders.

Kenneth: Have you ever considered investing in gold?

Serenity: Yes, I’ve thought about it as a way to diversify my investment portfolio.

Kenneth: It can be a good hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

Serenity: Exactly. Plus, with the gold fixing process, I feel more confident in the integrity of gold prices.

Kenneth: That’s a smart approach. It’s always good to do your research before making any investment decisions.

Serenity: Absolutely. I’ll continue learning more about gold investing before making any moves.