Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Fund manager

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Fund manager

Eugene: Hey Audrey, do you know what a fund manager does?

Audrey: Hi Eugene! Yes, a fund manager is responsible for making investment decisions for a mutual fund or other investment vehicle.

Eugene: Right, they analyze market trends, select investments, and aim to achieve the fund’s investment objectives.

Audrey: It sounds like a challenging role. How do they decide which investments to include in the fund?

Eugene: They conduct research on various securities, assess their potential risks and returns, and then make informed decisions based on their analysis.

Audrey: So, the success of a fund largely depends on the fund manager’s ability to make wise investment choices?

Eugene: Absolutely. A skilled fund manager can significantly impact the performance of a fund and help investors achieve their financial goals.

Audrey: That makes sense. Thanks for explaining, Eugene. Fund management seems like a fascinating field.

Eugene: You’re welcome, Audrey. It’s indeed an exciting area with plenty of opportunities for those interested in finance and investing.