Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Fractional shares

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Fractional shares

Ava: Hi Molly, have you heard about fractional shares?

Molly: Yes, Ava. Fractional shares are partial shares of a company’s stock, allowing investors to buy or own a fraction of a single share.

Ava: That’s right. It enables investors to invest in expensive stocks without having to purchase a whole share, making investing more accessible to individuals with smaller budgets.

Molly: How are fractional shares acquired?

Ava: Fractional shares can be acquired through certain brokerage platforms that offer fractional investing, where investors can buy or receive fractions of shares based on the amount they’re willing to invest.

Molly: Can investors sell fractional shares like whole shares?

Ava: Yes, investors can sell fractional shares in the same way as whole shares, allowing them to liquidate their holdings or profit from price changes.

Molly: Are there any benefits to owning fractional shares?

Ava: Fractional shares provide diversification opportunities, allowing investors to spread their investments across multiple stocks without needing a large amount of capital upfront.

Molly: That sounds convenient for smaller investors.

Ava: Definitely, Molly. Fractional shares offer flexibility and accessibility in the stock market, empowering more individuals to participate in investing.