Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Financial analysis

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Financial analysis

Arthur: Hi Layla, do you know what financial analysis is?

Layla: Yes, Arthur. Financial analysis involves examining a company’s financial statements to assess its performance, profitability, and financial health.

Arthur: That’s correct. Financial analysis helps investors, stakeholders, and managers make informed decisions about investing, lending, or operating the business.

Layla: How do analysts perform financial analysis?

Arthur: Analysts use various techniques such as ratio analysis, trend analysis, and benchmarking to interpret financial data and evaluate a company’s financial position.

Layla: Are there different types of financial analysis?

Arthur: Yes, Layla. Financial analysis can be categorized into different types such as profitability analysis, liquidity analysis, and solvency analysis.

Layla: What’s profitability analysis?

Arthur: Profitability analysis focuses on assessing a company’s ability to generate profits relative to its expenses and investments.

Layla: And what about liquidity analysis?

Arthur: Liquidity analysis evaluates a company’s ability to meet its short-term financial obligations by analyzing its liquidity ratios and cash flow.

Layla: I see. So, financial analysis provides valuable insights into various aspects of a company’s financial performance.

Arthur: Exactly. It helps stakeholders understand the strengths and weaknesses of a company and make well-informed decisions.

Layla: Thanks for explaining, Arthur.

Arthur: You’re welcome, Layla. If you have any more questions about financial analysis, feel free to ask!