Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Eurodollar u

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Eurodollar u

Christopher: Hi Mary, have you ever heard of Eurodollars in finance?

Mary: Yes, I think they’re US dollars held in banks outside of the United States.

Christopher: That’s right. Eurodollars are often used for international transactions and as a way to park funds in offshore accounts.

Mary: Why are they called Eurodollars if they’re not from Europe?

Christopher: It’s a historical term. Originally, these dollars were held in European banks, but now they’re held in banks all over the world.

Mary: How are Eurodollars different from regular dollars?

Christopher: In terms of value, they’re the same as US dollars, but they’re not subject to the same regulations and reserve requirements as dollars held within the United States.

Mary: So, why would someone use Eurodollars instead of regular dollars?

Christopher: Eurodollars can offer advantages like higher interest rates and less regulation, making them attractive for international businesses and investors.

Mary: Are Eurodollars widely used in global finance?

Christopher: Yes, they play a significant role in international trade and finance, serving as a key component of the global financial system.

Mary: Can individuals access Eurodollars?

Christopher: Typically, Eurodollars are more commonly used by institutions and corporations rather than individual investors.

Mary: It sounds like Eurodollars provide flexibility and opportunities in the global financial market.

Christopher: Absolutely, their widespread use reflects their importance in facilitating international transactions and managing global liquidity.