Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Eafe index

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Eafe index

Paul: Hi Mary, have you heard about the EAFE index?

Mary: No, what’s that?

Paul: The EAFE index stands for Europe, Australasia, and Far East. It’s a stock market index that measures the performance of stocks from these regions.

Mary: Oh, so it’s like a benchmark for international stocks?

Paul: Exactly. It’s widely used by investors to gauge the performance of their international investments relative to the broader market.

Mary: I see. So, what types of companies are included in the EAFE index?

Paul: The index typically includes large and mid-cap companies from developed countries in Europe, Australasia, and the Far East.

Mary: Got it. So, how is the EAFE index calculated?

Paul: It’s a market-capitalization-weighted index, meaning that the weight of each stock in the index is determined by its market capitalization.

Mary: That sounds straightforward. So, what are some reasons investors might track the performance of the EAFE index?

Paul: Investors use it to assess the performance of their international investments, diversify their portfolios, and compare the returns of international stocks to domestic stocks.

Mary: I see. Are there any limitations to using the EAFE index as a benchmark?

Paul: One limitation is that it only includes stocks from developed countries, so it may not fully represent the global market.

Mary: That’s good to know. So, investors should consider using other benchmarks alongside the EAFE index?

Paul: Yes, using multiple benchmarks can provide a more comprehensive view of investment performance and help investors make more informed decisions.

Mary: Thanks for explaining, Paul. The EAFE index seems like a useful tool for international investors.

Paul: No problem, Mary. It’s a widely recognized benchmark in the investment world and provides valuable insights into international stock market performance.