Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Dual purpose fund

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Dual purpose fund

Shawn: Hey Charlotte, have you heard about dual purpose funds?

Charlotte: No, what are they?

Shawn: Dual purpose funds are investment vehicles that serve both charitable and investment purposes.

Charlotte: Oh, so they’re like investments that also support charitable causes?

Shawn: Exactly. Investors can earn returns on their investment while also supporting philanthropic initiatives.

Charlotte: That sounds interesting. So, how do dual purpose funds work in practice?

Shawn: They typically invest in a diversified portfolio of assets and allocate a portion of their returns to charitable causes specified by the investors.

Charlotte: I see. So, investors can align their investments with their philanthropic goals?

Shawn: Yes, that’s the idea. It allows investors to make a positive impact while also pursuing financial returns.

Charlotte: That’s great. Are there different types of dual purpose funds?

Shawn: Yes, there are various structures, including donor-advised funds, impact investing funds, and social enterprise funds.

Charlotte: I see. So, investors have flexibility in choosing the type of dual purpose fund that aligns with their values?

Shawn: Exactly. They can select funds that focus on causes they’re passionate about while also considering their financial objectives.

Charlotte: Thanks for explaining, Shawn. Dual purpose funds seem like a creative way to combine investment and philanthropy.

Shawn: No problem, Charlotte. They offer a unique opportunity for investors to make a difference in the world while building wealth.