Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Discretionary income

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Discretionary income

Patrick: Hey Mary, do you know what discretionary income is?

Mary: Hi Patrick, yes, discretionary income is the money you have left after paying for necessities like rent, food, and bills.

Patrick: That’s right. It’s the amount of income you can choose to spend on non-essential items or save for future expenses.

Mary: So, if someone’s monthly income is $3000 and their expenses are $2000, their discretionary income would be $1000, correct?

Patrick: Exactly. That $1000 is what they have left to spend on things like entertainment, dining out, or saving for vacations.

Mary: It’s important to manage discretionary income wisely to achieve financial goals and maintain a balanced budget, right?

Patrick: Absolutely. It’s essential to prioritize spending and saving based on individual financial priorities and goals.

Mary: Thanks for explaining, Patrick. Understanding discretionary income helps in making better financial decisions.

Patrick: You’re welcome, Mary. If you ever need more insights on financial topics, feel free to ask.