Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Disclaimer of opinion

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Disclaimer of opinion

Brian: Hi Nora, have you ever heard of a “disclaimer of opinion” in business and finance?

Nora: No, I haven’t. What does it mean?

Brian: A “disclaimer of opinion” is a statement issued by an auditor when they’re unable to express an opinion on a company’s financial statements due to insufficient or unreliable information.

Nora: So, it’s like when the auditor can’t make a judgment about the company’s financial health?

Brian: Exactly. It usually indicates significant limitations in the audit process or doubts about the accuracy and completeness of the financial information provided by the company.

Nora: Are there any reasons why an auditor might issue a disclaimer of opinion?

Brian: Yes, it could be due to factors such as missing records, conflicts of interest, or restrictions on the auditor’s access to necessary information.

Nora: How does a disclaimer of opinion affect investors and stakeholders?

Brian: A disclaimer of opinion can erode trust and confidence in the company’s financial statements, potentially leading to increased scrutiny from investors, regulators, and creditors.

Nora: Can a company take action to address the issues leading to a disclaimer of opinion?

Brian: Yes, the company can work with the auditor to address the deficiencies in their financial reporting process and provide additional evidence or documentation to support the audit.

Nora: Is a disclaimer of opinion common in audits?

Brian: It’s relatively rare, as auditors typically strive to gather sufficient evidence to form an opinion on the financial statements. However, in complex or contentious situations, it may be necessary.

Nora: Thanks for explaining, Brian. It’s important to understand the implications of a disclaimer of opinion on financial reporting.

Brian: You’re welcome, Nora. A disclaimer of opinion highlights the need for transparency and accuracy in financial reporting to maintain trust and credibility in the business world.