Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Cost of goods sold

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Cost of goods sold

Zachary: Hey Julia, do you know what the cost of goods sold (COGS) is in business?

Julia: Yeah, I think it’s the direct costs associated with producing the goods or services that a company sells.

Zachary: That’s right. It includes things like materials, labor, and overhead expenses.

Julia: How is the cost of goods sold important for businesses?

Zachary: COGS is a key factor in calculating a company’s gross profit, which is the difference between revenue and COGS.

Julia: So, a lower cost of goods sold means higher profits?

Zachary: Exactly. Businesses aim to minimize COGS to maximize their profit margins.

Julia: Are there any other benefits to tracking the cost of goods sold?

Zachary: Yes, it helps businesses make pricing decisions, manage inventory levels, and assess their overall profitability.

Julia: Thanks for explaining that, Zachary. Cost of goods sold seems like a fundamental concept in business.

Zachary: No problem, Julia. It’s crucial for businesses to understand and manage their COGS effectively for financial success.