Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Consolidated financial statement

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Consolidated financial statement

Gabriella: Hey Paisley, do you know what a consolidated financial statement is?

Paisley: Yes, it’s a combined report that shows the financial results of a parent company and its subsidiaries as if they were one entity.

Gabriella: Exactly. It’s important because it provides a comprehensive view of the entire group’s financial performance and position.

Paisley: That’s right. Investors and stakeholders use consolidated financial statements to assess the overall health and performance of the entire group rather than just individual entities.

Gabriella: Absolutely. It helps them understand the group’s profitability, assets, liabilities, and cash flows in a more holistic manner.

Paisley: Definitely. Plus, it ensures transparency and compliance with accounting standards by eliminating duplications and presenting a clear picture of the group’s financial situation.

Gabriella: Right. Companies often prepare consolidated financial statements to comply with regulatory requirements and provide stakeholders with accurate and reliable financial information.

Paisley: Yes, and it’s particularly important for investors who want to make informed decisions about investing in the group as a whole.

Gabriella: Absolutely. By consolidating financial statements, companies can also identify synergies, assess performance across different business segments, and make strategic decisions accordingly.

Paisley: That’s true. It’s a vital tool for management to evaluate the overall financial health of the group and plan for future growth and expansion.

Gabriella: Indeed. So, understanding consolidated financial statements is crucial for investors, stakeholders, and company management alike.

Paisley: Absolutely. It’s a fundamental aspect of financial reporting that provides valuable insights into the group’s financial performance and position.