Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Completed contract method

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Completed contract method

Elizabeth: Hi Emily! Have you heard about the completed contract method?

Emily: Hi Elizabeth! Yes, it’s a method of recognizing revenue and expenses in accounting when a project is completed, rather than recognizing them as the project progresses.

Elizabeth: That’s correct. Under this method, revenue and expenses are recorded only when the project is finished, providing a more accurate picture of the project’s financial performance.

Emily: Exactly. It’s commonly used in construction and long-term manufacturing projects where it’s difficult to reliably estimate costs and revenue until the project is complete.

Elizabeth: Right. By waiting until the project is finished to recognize revenue and expenses, companies can avoid the potential for overestimating or underestimating their financial results.

Emily: Yes, and it simplifies accounting by reducing the need for complex estimates and adjustments during the project’s duration.

Elizabeth: Absolutely. However, one drawback is that it can result in significant fluctuations in a company’s financial statements when large projects are completed.

Emily: That’s true. The completed contract method can lead to lump-sum recognition of revenue and expenses, which may distort financial performance in the short term.

Elizabeth: Yes, and it’s essential for investors and stakeholders to understand the implications of using this method when analyzing a company’s financial statements.

Emily: Agreed. Companies using the completed contract method should provide clear explanations in their financial disclosures to help stakeholders interpret their financial results accurately.

Elizabeth: Absolutely. Transparency and consistency in financial reporting are key to building trust and credibility with investors and other stakeholders.

Emily: Right. And companies should carefully consider the nature of their projects and the potential impact on financial reporting when choosing between different revenue recognition methods.

Elizabeth: Yes, selecting the most appropriate method ensures that financial statements accurately reflect the company’s performance and financial position.