Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Cold calling

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Cold calling

Howard: Hey Lucy, have you ever tried cold calling in business?

Lucy: Yeah, I have. It’s when you call potential customers who haven’t expressed interest yet.

Howard: It sounds nerve-wracking. How do you handle rejection?

Lucy: It’s tough at first, but you learn not to take it personally. Persistence is key in cold calling.

Howard: Do you have any tips for making successful cold calls?

Lucy: Being prepared and confident helps. Also, focusing on the benefits your product or service can bring to the customer.

Howard: That makes sense. Do you think cold calling is still effective in today’s digital age?

Lucy: Definitely! While digital marketing is important, there’s still value in direct communication with potential customers.

Howard: I suppose building a personal connection can make a difference.

Lucy: Absolutely. People appreciate the personal touch and feeling like their needs are being understood.

Howard: Thanks for sharing your insights, Lucy. I might give cold calling a try in my business.

Lucy: No problem, Howard. Just remember to stay positive and persistent.