Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Closing costs

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Closing costs

Gregory: Hi Avery, do you know what closing costs are in real estate?

Avery: Yes, I do. Closing costs are fees and expenses paid by the buyer and seller at the closing of a real estate transaction.

Gregory: That’s correct. They typically include fees for services like appraisal, title insurance, attorney fees, and loan origination.

Avery: Are closing costs the same for every real estate transaction?

Gregory: No, they can vary depending on factors like the location of the property, the type of mortgage, and the terms negotiated between the buyer and seller.

Avery: I see. So, it’s important for buyers and sellers to understand what closing costs are involved in their specific transaction.

Gregory: Exactly. Being aware of the potential closing costs can help buyers and sellers budget accordingly and avoid any surprises at closing.

Avery: Are there any ways to reduce closing costs?

Gregory: Yes, there are. For example, buyers can negotiate with the seller to cover some or all of the closing costs, or they can shop around for lower-cost service providers.

Avery: That makes sense. So, there are options for buyers to minimize their closing costs.

Gregory: Yes, exactly. It’s also essential for buyers to review the closing disclosure carefully and ask questions about any fees they don’t understand.

Avery: Are there any closing costs that are non-negotiable?

Gregory: Some closing costs, like government recording fees and transfer taxes, are typically non-negotiable because they’re set by state and local governments.

Avery: I see. So, while some closing costs may be negotiable, others are fixed and cannot be changed.

Gregory: Yes, that’s correct. Buyers and sellers should be prepared for both negotiable and non-negotiable closing costs when entering into a real estate transaction.

Avery: Thanks for explaining closing costs, Gregory.

Gregory: You’re welcome, Avery. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!