Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Circuit breakers

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Circuit breakers

Stella: Hey Gabrielle, do you know what circuit breakers are in the context of finance?

Gabrielle: Yes, Stella. Circuit breakers are mechanisms used in stock markets to temporarily halt trading during periods of extreme volatility.

Stella: Right, they help prevent panic selling and give investors time to assess the situation.

Gabrielle: Exactly. Circuit breakers are triggered when stock prices fall below a certain threshold within a specified time frame.

Stella: That’s correct. They come in different levels, with each level representing a different percentage decline in the market.

Gabrielle: Yes, and the purpose is to restore calm and stability to the market by pausing trading and allowing investors to regroup.

Stella: Absolutely. It’s a way to prevent market crashes and protect investors from excessive losses.

Gabrielle: Right. Circuit breakers are an important risk management tool in the financial markets.

Stella: Indeed. They help maintain order and confidence in the market during times of uncertainty.