Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Certificate for automobile receivables

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Certificate for automobile receivables

Amelia: Hi Audrey, have you heard of certificates for automobile receivables in finance?

Audrey: Hi Amelia. Yes, I’ve heard of them. They’re financial instruments backed by automobile loan payments, similar to mortgage-backed securities but with car loans instead of mortgages, right?

Amelia: Exactly. Certificate holders receive payments based on the monthly installments made by borrowers on their auto loans, providing investors with a stream of income.

Audrey: How do certificate for automobile receivables differ from other types of asset-backed securities?

Amelia: Well, Audrey, unlike mortgage-backed securities which are backed by home loans, certificate for automobile receivables are backed by auto loans, making them dependent on the performance of the auto loan market.

Audrey: Are there risks associated with investing in certificate for automobile receivables?

Amelia: Yes, Audrey. Investors should be aware of risks such as default risk, prepayment risk, and interest rate risk, which can impact the performance of these securities.

Audrey: Can you explain how these securities are structured?

Amelia: Sure, Audrey. Certificate for automobile receivables are typically structured into tranches, with each tranche representing a different level of risk and return for investors.

Audrey: How are the payments distributed among the tranches?

Amelia: Payments are first allocated to the senior tranches, which have priority in receiving payments, followed by the subordinated tranches. This structure helps to protect senior investors from default risk.

Audrey: Thanks for the explanation, Amelia. I have a better understanding of certificate for automobile receivables now.

Amelia: No problem, Audrey. If you have any more questions about finance or investing, feel free to ask anytime.