Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Call price

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Call price

Jacob: Hi Ella, have you heard about the concept of call price in finance?

Ella: Yes, I believe the call price is the price at which a bond issuer can redeem or “call back” the bond before its maturity date.

Jacob: That’s correct. The call price is typically set at a premium to the bond’s face value and represents the amount the issuer must pay to retire the bond early.

Ella: How does the call price affect bondholders?

Jacob: Bondholders may face the risk of early redemption if the bond is called by the issuer, which could result in reinvestment risk or a loss of future interest income if prevailing interest rates are lower.

Ella: Are there any advantages for issuers in setting a call price?

Jacob: Yes, setting a call price allows issuers to take advantage of lower interest rates or improved financial conditions by refinancing debt at a lower cost or retiring high-coupon bonds to reduce interest expenses.

Ella: Can bondholders anticipate when a bond might be called?

Jacob: Bondholders can review the bond’s terms and conditions, including the call schedule and call price, to assess the likelihood of early redemption by the issuer.

Ella: How does the call price impact bond pricing?

Jacob: The call price influences the bond’s market price, as investors may be willing to pay more for a bond with a higher call price to compensate for the risk of early redemption.

Ella: Is the call price fixed or does it change over time?

Jacob: The call price is typically fixed at issuance but may decrease gradually over time as the bond approaches its maturity date.

Ella: How do investors incorporate the call price into their investment decisions?

Jacob: Investors consider the call price along with other factors such as yield, credit risk, and maturity to evaluate the attractiveness of a bond investment and assess the potential impact of early redemption on their portfolio.

Ella: Thanks for the explanation, Jacob. The call price seems to be an important consideration for both bond issuers and investors.

Jacob: Absolutely, Ella. Understanding the implications of call prices can help investors make informed decisions and manage their bond portfolios effectively.