Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Block trade

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Block trade

Matthew: Isla, have you ever heard of a block trade?

Isla: No, Matthew, I haven’t. What is it?

Matthew: A block trade is when a large number of securities are bought or sold, typically involving at least 10,000 shares or a total market value of $200,000 or more.

Isla: Oh, I see. So, it’s a way for big investors to make significant transactions without disrupting the market?

Matthew: Exactly. It allows them to execute trades efficiently without causing major price movements.

Isla: That sounds like an important mechanism for large investors.

Matthew: It is. Block trades play a significant role in the financial markets, especially for institutional investors.

Isla: Thanks for explaining, Matthew. It’s interesting to learn about these aspects of finance.

Matthew: No problem, Isla. Finance can be complex, but understanding concepts like block trades can help navigate the market better.

Isla: Absolutely. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge, Matthew.

Matthew: Anytime, Isla. Let me know if you have any more questions about finance concepts.