Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Big three

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Big three

Jack: Hi Lillian, have you heard of the term “Big Three” in the business world?

Lillian: Yes, it refers to the three largest companies in a particular industry that dominate the market.

Jack: That’s right. They often have significant market share and influence over pricing and competition.

Lillian: Do you know any examples of industries where the concept of the Big Three is commonly used?

Jack: One example is the automotive industry, where companies like Ford, General Motors, and Toyota are often referred to as the Big Three.

Lillian: Exactly. They have a major presence in the market and often set the standards for the industry.

Jack: Have you seen any other industries where the concept of the Big Three is applicable?

Lillian: Yes, the technology sector also has its Big Three with companies like Apple, Google (Alphabet), and Microsoft dominating the market.

Jack: That’s true. They have a significant impact on the development and direction of technology globally.

Lillian: It’s interesting to see how these large companies shape their respective industries.

Jack: Definitely. They often drive innovation and competition, which can benefit consumers in the long run.

Lillian: Thanks for the discussion, Jack. It’s always fascinating to learn about the dynamics of different industries.

Jack: No problem, Lillian. I’m glad we could have this conversation about the Big Three and their impact on business.