Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Bad title

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Bad title

Katherine: Hi Kinsley, have you ever heard of a “bad title” in business and finance?

Kinsley: Hi Katherine! Yes, it refers to a situation where the seller of a property doesn’t have clear ownership rights, making the title defective.

Katherine: That doesn’t sound good. What happens if a property has a bad title?

Kinsley: Well, Katherine, if a property has a bad title, it can cause delays or even prevent the sale from going through until the issue is resolved.

Katherine: I see. How can someone avoid buying a property with a bad title?

Kinsley: One way is to conduct a thorough title search before purchasing, which involves examining public records to ensure the seller has clear ownership rights.

Katherine: That makes sense. Are there any other precautions one should take?

Kinsley: It’s also a good idea to purchase title insurance, which can protect the buyer from financial loss due to defects in the title.

Katherine: Thanks for explaining, Kinsley. It’s important to be aware of these things when buying property.

Kinsley: Absolutely, Katherine. It’s better to be cautious and avoid potential legal issues down the line.

Katherine: Definitely. I’ll remember to do my due diligence before making any property purchases.

Kinsley: That’s a wise approach, Katherine. If you have any more questions about real estate or finance, feel free to ask.