Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Backup withholding

Listen to a Business English Dialogue about Backup withholding

Steven: Hi Aurora, have you ever heard of backup withholding?

Aurora: Hi Steven, yes, it’s a tax withholding method used by the IRS to ensure that taxes are collected on certain types of income.

Steven: That’s right. It typically applies to payments such as interest, dividends, and payments made to independent contractors.

Aurora: Yes, and if a taxpayer fails to provide their taxpayer identification number or gives an incorrect one, backup withholding may be required.

Steven: Exactly. The backup withholding rate is usually 24% of the payment amount.

Aurora: That’s correct. The withheld amount is then remitted to the IRS as part of the taxpayer’s tax liability.

Steven: Yes, and taxpayers subject to backup withholding will receive a notice from the payer indicating the withholding and the reason for it.

Aurora: It’s important for taxpayers to ensure that their taxpayer identification number is accurate and provided to payers to avoid backup withholding.

Steven: Absolutely. Failure to do so can result in a portion of their income being withheld for taxes.

Aurora: And it can lead to complications when filing taxes if the correct information isn’t provided to payers.

Steven: Right. So it’s essential for taxpayers to stay informed about backup withholding and ensure compliance with IRS requirements.