Advanced English Dialogue for Business – American stock exchange

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About American stock exchange

Aria: Hi Mary, have you heard about the American Stock Exchange?

Mary: Yes, I have. It’s a stock exchange in the United States where shares of smaller and mid-sized companies are traded.

Aria: That’s right. The American Stock Exchange, also known as AMEX, provides a platform for companies to raise capital and for investors to buy and sell securities.

Mary: Is the American Stock Exchange similar to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)?

Aria: Yes, they’re similar in that they both facilitate the trading of stocks and other securities, but the NYSE is larger and primarily trades larger, well-established companies.

Mary: I see. So, the American Stock Exchange is more focused on smaller and mid-sized companies?

Aria: Exactly. The AMEX is known for listing companies that may not meet the stringent listing requirements of the NYSE but still want to access public markets.

Mary: Are there any differences in how stocks are traded on the American Stock Exchange compared to the NYSE?

Aria: One difference is that the American Stock Exchange used to specialize in floor trading, where traders physically exchanged securities on the trading floor. However, like many exchanges, it has transitioned to electronic trading.

Mary: I understand. So, now most trading on the American Stock Exchange occurs electronically?

Aria: Yes, that’s correct. Electronic trading has become the norm for most stock exchanges, including the American Stock Exchange.

Mary: Thanks for explaining, Aria.

Aria: No problem, Mary. The American Stock Exchange plays a valuable role in providing opportunities for smaller companies to access capital markets.