Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Accrual bonds

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Accrual bonds

Shawn: Hey Violet, have you heard about accrual bonds in finance?

Violet: No, what are they?

Shawn: Accrual bonds are bonds that do not pay periodic interest like traditional bonds but instead accrue interest over time and pay it all at once when the bond matures.

Violet: Oh, so it’s like the interest is building up until the end?

Shawn: Exactly, it’s a way for investors to defer receiving income until a later date, potentially for tax purposes or to match cash flows with future expenses.

Violet: That sounds interesting. Are there any risks associated with accrual bonds?

Shawn: One risk is that if the issuer defaults, investors may not receive the accrued interest or principal repayment on time or at all.

Violet: I see. So, it’s important to consider the creditworthiness of the issuer before investing in accrual bonds?

Shawn: Yes, assessing the issuer’s financial health is crucial to determine the risk of default.

Violet: Can individuals invest in accrual bonds, or are they mainly for institutional investors?

Shawn: Accrual bonds are available to both individual and institutional investors, although they may be more common in certain sectors or markets.

Violet: Got it. It seems like accrual bonds offer a different way to earn income compared to traditional bonds.

Shawn: Yes, they can be a useful tool for investors seeking specific benefits like tax deferral or cash flow matching.

Violet: Thanks for explaining, Shawn. It’s helpful to learn about different types of bonds.

Shawn: No problem, Violet. Finance has many nuances, but understanding them can help make informed investment decisions.