Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Account balance

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Account balance

Bradley: Hey Emily, do you check your account balance regularly?

Emily: Yes, I try to keep track of it to ensure I’m not overspending. How about you?

Bradley: Same here. It’s important to know how much money we have available and to avoid overdrawing our accounts.

Emily: Have you ever had any surprises when checking your account balance?

Bradley: Yeah, there have been times when unexpected fees or charges appeared, so I’ve learned to review my transactions regularly to catch any discrepancies.

Emily: That’s a good habit to have. How do you usually check your account balance?

Bradley: I mostly use online banking or mobile apps to check my balance, but I also keep track of my spending with a budgeting spreadsheet.

Emily: Do you ever worry about your account balance running low?

Bradley: Sometimes, especially if there are upcoming expenses or if I’m waiting for a paycheck to come in.

Emily: How do you manage your account balance to ensure you have enough for your expenses?

Bradley: I try to budget my expenses carefully and prioritize essential purchases to avoid overspending.

Emily: Have you ever considered setting up automatic alerts for low balances?

Bradley: Yeah, that’s a good idea. It would help me stay on top of my finances and avoid any surprises.

Emily: It’s always better to be proactive about managing our finances. Thanks for the conversation, Bradley.