10 tips to write a good TOEFL essay

The TOEFL essay is one of the most challenging parts of the TOEFL test. There is no right or wrong answer, so it’s important to write in a way that makes your point clear to the reader.

When writing a good TOEFL essay, you should follow the 10 tips below to help you along the way.

Tips to write a good TOEFL essay

1. Don’t Worry About Length

Many students try to make their essays too long. And if you don’t know how to organize your ideas and write an organized essay, you may end up with a very difficult situation. There is no right or wrong length, but it is better to have an average length than a very short essay.

2. Write For Yourself, Not Your Teacher

Your teacher may want you to write about a specific topic, but that doesn’t mean that it is what you want to write about. Write for yourself, and make sure to include your opinion on the topic. Don’t simply write about what someone else wants you to write about.

3. Focus On The Topic

Make sure that you focus on the actual topic. It is better to write about a topic that you know something about. If you are writing about history, for example, make sure to include information about the topic.

4. Keep Your Writing Simple

This tip will keep you from getting confused when you write your essay. If your writing is too complicated, it will be hard to explain your point clearly. Instead, try to keep your sentences simple and straightforward.

5. Include Detail

It is important to include as much detail as possible, especially if you are writing a descriptive essay. Write as much information as you can, and don’t leave anything out.

6. Be Positive

If you are writing a personal essay, make sure you talk about your strengths, weaknesses, and any achievements you have made throughout your life. Don’t focus on your negative experiences.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing your TOEFL essays a few times will help you improve your writing, as well as your speaking skills. Read through your work a few times, and take a look at what you did well.

8. Use Different Examples

Write a variety of essays when you practice. This will help you learn how to write each part of the essay differently, and it will also give you ideas on how to expand your writing style.

9. Use Concrete Examples

When writing your essay, try to include concrete examples. Don’t just say that you don’t like something. Try to explain why. Use words and phrases that the reader can easily understand.

10. Don’t Include Too Many Sentences

Avoid using too many sentences in your essay. Keep your paragraphs short and use subheadings to help you organize your thoughts.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to write a good essay, you need to think about the topic, structure the essay, and choose the best words. Writing a good essay is not that easy, but with these tips you will be able to write a good essay.

Some FAQs about TOEFL essay

Q1: What is a good topic for an essay?

A: A good topic is one that can be answered in 500 words or less.

Q2: What should I use for the body of my essay?

A: A good format for the body of your essay is to start with an introduction, then answer the prompt with evidence.

Q3: How many sources should I include?

A: Two sources is the minimum.

Q4: Should I use a template?

A: No, you should write your essay from scratch.

Q5: How should I organize my sources?

A: Make sure you include your topic statement first.

Q6: Should I reference sample essays?

A: Yes, sample essays helps you a lot.

Q7: How should I structure my essay?

A: Use the outline below: