Top 10 English Idioms for Radio & TV Newscaster

1. ‘Breaking News’
When you hear this phrase, it means there’s a significant and urgent event happening. It’s often used to grab the audience’s attention and indicate the importance of the news. 2. ‘In the Spotlight’ This idiom refers to someone or something receiving a lot of attention. It’s commonly used when discussing public figures, celebrities, or important issues that are currently trending. 3. ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ When a news story is described as the ‘tip of the iceberg,’ it means there’s much more to the situation than what’s currently known or being reported. It implies that the full extent of the story is yet to be revealed. 4. ‘On the Brink’ This phrase is used to describe a situation that’s on the verge of a significant change or potential crisis. It conveys a sense of urgency and impending action. 5. ‘Under Fire’ When someone or something is ‘under fire,’ it means they’re facing intense criticism or scrutiny. It’s often used in the context of public figures, organizations, or policies. 6. ‘In the Pipeline’ This idiom is used to describe something that’s currently being developed or planned. It suggests that the project or idea is in progress and will be implemented in the future. 7. ‘On the Horizon’ When something is ‘on the horizon,’ it means it’s expected or likely to happen soon. It’s often used to discuss upcoming events, trends, or changes. 8. ‘In the Limelight’ Similar to ‘in the spotlight,’ this idiom refers to someone or something receiving a lot of attention. However, ‘in the limelight’ often implies that the attention is more intense or focused. 9. ‘In the Crosshairs’ This phrase is often used metaphorically to describe someone or something being targeted for criticism, investigation, or action. It suggests a high level of scrutiny or potential consequences. 10. ‘On the Same Page’ When people are ‘on the same page,’ it means they’re in agreement or have a shared understanding of a situation or goal. It’s often used to emphasize the importance of unity and collaboration.

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