Top 10 English Idioms for Construction Laborer

1. ‘Measure twice, cut once’

This idiom emphasizes the importance of careful planning and preparation before taking action. It’s a reminder to double-check measurements to avoid costly mistakes.

2. ‘Built like a brick wall’

When someone is described as ‘built like a brick wall,’ it means they have a strong and sturdy physique, just like a well-constructed wall.

3. ‘Nail it’

In construction, ‘nailing it’ doesn’t just refer to using a hammer and nails. It means completing a task perfectly or achieving success in a project.

4. ‘Lay the groundwork’

Before starting a construction project, it’s essential to ‘lay the groundwork.’ This idiom means to establish the basic foundation or framework.

5. ‘On solid ground’

When you’re ‘on solid ground,’ it means you’re in a secure and stable position, much like a building on a firm foundation.

6. ‘Hit the nail on the head’

This idiom is used when someone makes an accurate or precise statement. It’s like hitting the nail directly on its head.

7. ‘In the pipeline’

When something is ‘in the pipeline,’ it means it’s being planned or developed and will happen in the future. It’s like a project in the works.

8. ‘Up to code’

In construction, ‘up to code’ means meeting all the required standards and regulations. It’s crucial for ensuring safety and quality.

9. ‘Break ground’

When a construction project ‘breaks ground,’ it means the actual construction work is starting. It’s an exciting milestone.

10. ‘Raise the roof’

This idiom doesn’t literally mean lifting a roof. It’s used to express enthusiasm or excitement, like when a crowd cheers and ‘raises the roof.’

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