Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Compensating balance

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Compensating balance

Riley: Hey Ronald, have you heard about compensating balances in business finance?

Ronald: Yeah, I’ve heard of it. It’s like a minimum balance requirement banks impose on businesses, right?

Riley: Exactly. It’s the amount of money a business must keep in its account to offset the cost of services provided by the bank.

Ronald: So, if a bank requires a $10,000 compensating balance and a business only maintains $8,000, they might have to pay a fee for falling short?

Riley: That’s correct. It’s kind of like a way for banks to ensure they make some profit from the services they offer to businesses.

Ronald: I see. But can businesses negotiate the terms of compensating balances with banks?

Riley: Absolutely. Many times, especially for larger accounts, businesses can negotiate lower compensating balance requirements or even get them waived altogether in exchange for other services or higher fees.

Ronald: That makes sense. So, it’s like a give-and-take negotiation between the bank and the business to find a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Riley: Exactly. It’s all about finding the balance that works best for both parties involved.

Ronald: Got it. Thanks for explaining, Riley. It’s clearer to me now how compensating balances function in business finance.

Riley: No problem, Ronald. Always happy to help out with finance topics.