Advanced English Dialogue for Business – Automatic investment program

Listen to a Business English Dialogue About Automatic investment program

Faith: Hi William, have you ever heard of an automatic investment program?

William: No, I haven’t. What is it?

Faith: An automatic investment program is a strategy where you set up regular contributions to your investment account, usually on a weekly or monthly basis, to buy securities automatically.

William: Oh, I see. What are some advantages of using an automatic investment program?

Faith: Well, it helps you build wealth over time through consistent investing, takes advantage of dollar-cost averaging, and removes the need for frequent manual investment decisions.

William: That sounds convenient. Are there any downsides to using such a program?

Faith: One potential downside is that you might miss out on opportunities to buy low during market downturns if you’re locked into regular contributions.

William: I understand. How do you set up an automatic investment program?

Faith: You typically set it up through your brokerage or investment platform, selecting the amount and frequency of contributions, as well as the securities you want to invest in.

William: Got it. Are there any fees associated with automatic investment programs?

Faith: It depends on your brokerage or investment platform. Some may charge fees for automatic transactions, while others offer this service for free.

William: Thanks for explaining, Faith. Automatic investment programs sound like a convenient way to grow your wealth over time.

Faith: Absolutely, William. They’re a great way to stay disciplined with your investing and work towards your financial goals steadily.