Topic: We should encourage children to play sports. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Style: Agree/Disagree

I’m sure you have seen a picture of a kid playing sports on TV or in a magazine. They are running around the field, jumping over a hurdle, or even dunking a basketball. It is obvious that these kids love sports and are happy to be playing. In fact, some people say that sports give kids a sense of self-worth and confidence.

Sample Essay #1

I agree with the statement that children should be encouraged to play sports.

When I was younger, I never liked sports, and I always thought that they were for people who are slow and small, like me. I never thought that it would be a good idea for me to get involved in a sport. However, I later discovered that sports are not just for the small and slow, but they are also for the big and strong.

In my grade 5 year, I joined the boys' rugby team. I was hesitant at first, but I soon became a fan of rugby. I loved watching the game because it was fun. I enjoyed playing and I learned a lot. I became more skilled at using my hands and feet. After a while, I felt that I was getting better at the sport. I enjoyed the game so much that I joined the girls' rugby team. Now, I enjoy playing sports. I think that if I was encouraged to play sports when I was younger, I would have loved to play a sport like football. I would love to be the best player in the school.

People who play sports are more confident. I am more confident in myself because I play sports. If people didn't encourage me to play sports, I would be afraid to try new things. I think that sports help people learn about themselves and learn new skills. People who play sports are healthy. People who play sports don't get sick. People who play sports are not overweight. I feel better when I am physically active. People who play sports are happy. I am happy when I am playing sports.

 In conclusion, it’s important for parents to encourage their children to play sports. Children should be taught how to play sports from an early age. They should be given the chance to experience the joy of sports at an early age. Sports are an essential part of childhood development. They teach children how to cooperate with others, how to set goals, and how to deal with failure.

Sample Essay #2

I believe that children should be encouraged to play sports, because they should be given the chance to enjoy sports in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Sports are beneficial for children, because they allow children to exercise their bodies, which is one of the ways that they can stay healthy. Also, sports are fun, and they can teach children about teamwork and sportsmanship.

There are many benefits of playing sports. One benefit is that it is fun. Children enjoy playing sports, because they get to participate in activities that they like. When children play sports, they get to exercise their bodies. Exercise is important, because it helps children keep healthy.

One reason that people play sports is to develop skills. Children can develop many skills by playing sports. They can develop skills like coordination, speed, and strength. For example, children can learn to shoot a basketball, skate on a hockey rink, and run fast.

Another reason that people play sports is to have fun. Some people choose to play sports just because they enjoy doing it. They may play sports to relax. Sports can be a good way to make friends. If children play sports, they can make friends with other children who play sports. This can help them make more friends, because they can practice making new friends.

Sports can be helpful for children. For instance, if a child plays football, he or she might learn about football. This can help him or her to know about football. If children play tennis, they can learn about tennis. This will help them to know about tennis.

Children can also learn about sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a good thing. If children learn to be sportsmen, they can be good sportsmen. For example, if a person plays soccer, he or she should behave well and be nice.

If children play sports, they will be stronger. They can be strong if they are active. Sports help children to be strong, because they exercise their bodies.

 In conclusion, there’s no reason for children to be discouraged from playing sports. Sports teaches them valuable lessons about teamwork, leadership, and the importance of being a good citizen. And, it’s also a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Sample Essay #3

I don't think that children should be encouraged to play sports because it takes too much time away from their academics and could potentially cause injury. Children are required to learn responsibility and discipline through sport, which can be quite difficult for a child who is still developing physically and emotionally. Sports are meant for people who are fully developed and are able to compete, whereas children are not yet at this stage.

In addition, children need their sleep to be healthy and well rested for school the next day, so they should not be forced to exercise during the middle of the night. Playing sports is just another way for children to use their energy, which would otherwise be wasted.

Furthermore, it is more important to have fun in youth sports than to win. Even if you lose, you can still enjoy the sport and be proud of yourself afterwards. It would also be more advantageous for children to choose an extracurricular activity that they are interested in rather than having to be forced to participate in a sport that they may not like.

In conclusion, I don’t think that children should be encouraged to play sports. They are too young to understand the risks involved in playing sports.