What is the difference between Quiet vs Silent?

It is important to distinguish between the two words quiet and silent. In this article, we will look at the differences between the words quiet and silent and explain why it is important to understand the differences and how to use them appropriately.

Quiet: You make a sound but not a loud sound.


I have a car with silent engine. (silent engine = broken car)

 I have a car with quiet engine. (all cars make sound, however this car doesn't make a loud sound -> quiet)


Silent: You don't make any sound at all (no noise, no sound)


 She didn't say anything, she was quiet.

 She didn't say anything, she was silent.



Example sentences of Quiet

When the train is running slowly, it is very quiet.

You can't be quiet in a crowded room.

I need to be quiet when I study.

He tries to be quiet and avoid attention.

If you don't want to be quiet, you have to pay the penalty.

If someone interrupts your quiet time, you should try to remain calm.

A quiet place is the best place for studying.

The students were too quiet in class.

He went to the quiet room to study.

He kept quiet while the others played games.

When I'm with my friends, we talk quietly so as not to wake anyone.

It's very quiet around here.

You can say that it is a quiet time.


Example sentences of Silent

The man had a heart condition that left him silent most of the time.

He is silent until he finds his wife.

We will be silent when the child wakes up.

We will be silent if you are wrong.

When we are silent, we appear intelligent.

He is a silent person.

If you are silent, you can hear everything.

She is always silent when she reads.

The silent boy sat and listened to the story.

She is silent and doesn't talk to anyone.

There are four silent people in the movie, but they do not speak at all.

Silent films are silent movies without soundtracks.

In silent films, actors have to act with just their faces.

He made a silent movie called The Man Who Laughs.