Reflexive Pronouns Exercise was designed to help you practice Reflexive Pronouns (Myself/Yourself/Ourselves/Themselves/Himself/Herself/Itself). The exercise contains 20 questions. Choose the best answer to complete the exercise.


Proper Term Subjective Personal Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns
First Person Singular I Myself
Second Person Singular You Yourself
Third Person Singular He/She/It Himself/Herself/Itself
First Person Plural We Ourselves
Second Person Plural You Yourselves
Third Person Plural They Themselves


Do your homework yourself.

The students themselves decorated the party.

We painted the house ourselves.

Jane washed the cups by herself.

I cleaned the room myself.


Now You'll take a "Reflexive Pronouns (Myself/Yourself/Ourselves/Themselves/Himself/Herself/Itself)" test.

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